Northern Ireland Volleyball

Child Protection

Northern Ireland Volleyball is committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults and has produced the above Child Protection Policy. All persons working with or in contact with children under the auspices of Northern Ireland Volleyball will be subject to this policy.

Coaches are expected to:

  1. Maintain responsible association with Northern Ireland Volleyball through annual registration or licensing
  2. Continue personal and professional growth, remaining current on new developments in the field through continuing education
  3. Use their knowledge and professional expertise for the benefit of the people they serve
  4. Always strive to be truthful and put players, colleagues or other professionals in a positive light
  5. Respect the integrity, rights to confidentiality and protect the welfare of people they are working with
  6. Avoid discrimination in all of its forms

All coaches who expect to work with children or vulnerable adults also need to be vetted.

Northern Ireland Volleyball have codes of conduct which must be adhered to when involved in a Northern Ireland Volleyball regional or national squad programme. These codes of conducts are for Coaches, Young People and Parents.

Any behaviour that you feel should be reported to Northern Ireland Volleyball can be done in confidence using the form below:

Northern Ireland Volleyball Child Protection Reporting Form

A policy on the secure storage, handling, use, retention and disposal of Access NI Disclosure information is given in Northern Ireland Volleyball Access NI Security Policy.

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