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Queens ladies just a step away from 100% record!

Queens ladies played Lisnaskea Spikers 1 on Monday 29th of November 2010. Although bad weather conditions and icy roads the Spikers were at the PEC at Queens University on time and full with energy to play! As expected this was a tight match! Queens ladies were missing both setters due to cold infections so the main opposite hitter Geraldine Pivato played as a setter the whole time!

The first set started equal as both teams kept one or two points difference! Then due to excelent serving from the middle hitter Claire Dowey Queens ladies closed the first set at 25-19.

The second set was the time for young players as Tina Debeljak, Joanne Wilson, Pauline Loisy and Sarah Landstreet to demostrate their progress. All played very well, finding empty spots into the Spikers’ side of the court. Queens ladies built few points ahead ( 24-17) but with strong serving from Spikers 1 the result became equal at 24-24. Then two substitutions were made for Queens – coach Irena Mihneva and middle player Virginie Boidron came in play. This tactic worked straight away and Queens took the set at 26-24!

The final third set was very critical and nerve breaking for Queens! Due to mistake in line ups the game was stopped twice and resumed with services for Spikers 1. This really unbalanced the team and Spikers were way ahead with points at 10-3. Queens ladies refused to lose the set and kept fighting. With consistent play and excellent sets of the team captain and setter Geraldine Pivato, Queens won 25-23!

After all Queens ladies won their sixth match with no lost set again. Their next and final match is versus Univeristy of Ulster team, 8pm on Monday, 6th of December at UUJ.

Queens would like to thank referees Vincent Ramirez and Kay Gemmert, and scorer – Joanna Wiezowska!

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