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Queens Women With 10th Win

A gruelling match took place on Wednesday the 23rd of March between the teams of Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University Jordanstown. Both teams faced each other with professionalism, high level of skill and brilliant play. Queens’ main middle player Virginie Boidron had to stay on the bench due to bad cold.

In the end, Queens Ladies won the day with a score of 3 – 0 (25-15, 25-22, 22-17).

When the match started, Queens were all pumped up for action. This showed in their play and vigilance. They were in control of the game most of the time and libero Juliette Bonet demonstrated very precise receiving skills. At no point were UJW able to maintain any concrete ground in the first set. Excellent attacks from middle players Joanna Wiezowska and Claire Dowey cooperating with captain Jenna Coriddi decided the set. As a result Queens secured a win quite easily by 25-15.

Queens did not let go of the momentum built in the first set of the game and were able to assert themselves in the second game as well. UJW could not do much to stop Queens, who kept charging forwards relentlessly. Outside hitter Sarah Landstreet performed excellent serving with 6 straight points in a row. At a score of 21-21 both teams felt anxious but a few deciding digs from opposite player Manuela Baldan and setter Jenna Coriddi finished the set at 25-22.

After the first two sets Queens’ team felt eager to close the match. The opposite hitter Caz Toye and outside Kay Gemmert had a few smart kills at the net. Both middles Claire and Joanna performed exquisite hitting despite the strong blocking from the UJW girls. With seven serves in a row the outside Irena Mihneva took the set to 24-16. And Kay Gemmert attacked for the concluding point and closed the set at 25-17!

Queens ladies are very happy to congratulate Joanna Wiezowska (Aska) for her birthday and all girls wish her best of luck in everything she does! The team is also very proud to have her on their side! Happy Birthday Aska. We love you.

Queens ladies would like to thank referees Vincent Ramirez and Tomas Fabian, and scorers Lukasz Borowiecki and Cait Donnelly! The team would also like to thank the UUJ girls for the good game.

Our next and final match this season is next Wednesday the 30th of March versus the Aztecs!

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