Celtic Cup

Queens Ladies With Winning Start To The Celtic Cup

Queens ladies played the Aztecs ladies tonight the 13th of April at the PEC.

The Aztecs started the first set full with energy and enthusiasm. It took the Queens team a while to warm up and establish advantage. Thanks to precise serving from Queen’s middles Virginie Boidron and Joanna Wiezowska the team closed the set at 25-16.

The second set was very balanced. Thanks to strong hitting from the Aztecs’ outsides and excellent blocking from the middle players the result went point by point to 16-16! Queen’s captain Jenna Coriddi was doing her best trying to set the inaccurate passes. Poor performance from the Queen’s opposite Irena Mihneva lead to the Aztecs taking the set with 25-19.

Reinforced by the win in the previous set the Aztecs would not give the third was easily!  Queen’s outsides Claire Dowey and Tina Debeljak kept attacking and attacking but the Aztecs ladies picked up almost all hits and formed some smart hits themselves. The captain Michelle Diffin with very strong serving made it even harder for Queens to stay in the set. Eventually the hosts have stolen the set at 25-23.

The Aztecs did not give up until the end and continued serving and attacking hard. But the Queen’s ladies managed to play together. Kay Gemmert and Sarah Landstreet came in to support the team as well and so they have closed the set at 25-21.

Queens  – Aztecs  3-1 (25-16, 19-25, 25-23, 25-21).

Queen’s would like to thank Vincent Ramirez, Patrick Crooks, Cait Donnelly and Annette Wilderotter for their help!

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