Celtic Cup

City of Edinburgh Defeat Queens to Win Women’s Celtic Cup

City of Edinburgh women’s team today defeated Queens University Belfast 0-3 to win the Women’s Celtic Cup.

The two teams seemed evenly matched at 5-5 in the first set but City of Edinburgh quickly showed their superiority by winning 10 points in a row to take a commanding 5-15 lead which Queens were unable to overcome and Edinburgh won the set comfortably 11-25.

Queens showed why they are the Northern Ireland League and Cup champions in the second set with strong hitting from ?2 Joanna Wiezowska and captain ?11 Irena Mihneva. Both teams were able to side out effectively and Queens held a slender lead at 20-19 until Edinburgh won the next 6 points to take the set 20-25 and a 0-2 lead in the match.

Edinburgh’s ?9 Mel Coutts took control of the third set and was unstoppable on the outside as Edinburgh won the set 8-25 and the match 0-3. It was Edinburgh’s ?9 Mel Coutts who lead all scorers with 19 kills for the match.

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