Mihneva and Wiezowska Triumph at Portadown

The wet and windy weather did not stop the volleyball players at the Portadown beach pad on Saturday the 16th of July.

There were 8 female teams, representing different nationalities and clubs. Teams like Sorcha Maguire and Chloe Mc Dowell, Alice Quinn and Judith Edgar, and Irene Dentico participated for a first time but displayed wonderful skills. Young Kerry Kirkpatrick and Caroline Goodliffe showed some smart play and excellent determination but unfortunately did not qualify for the semifinals. After long and windy morning only 4 teams stayed on the finals – experienced well known teams of Irena Mihneva and Joanna Wiezowska, Natalia Cyran and Pola Klimecka, Anna Lewinska and Karolina Mackiewicz, and Zara Bolton and Kathryn Jackson.

Lewinska and Mackieiwcz took the third place with a 2-0 win over Bolton and Jackson.

Without losing a set Mihneva and Wiezowska triumphed over Cyran and Klimecka and deserved the gold medals.

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