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Queens’ Ladies take the League trophy in nail biting 5 set match vs PVC

PVC welcomed Queens at their home grounds on 12th of April 2014 in a league decider. The game can be summarised in three words – drama, drama, drama…

Both teams have done their homework and knew that Queens needs 2 sets to win the league. Anything else meant PVC are the new league champion. You could feel the tension and eagerness of both teams already in the warm up. Coaches Slugocki and Ford were giving final instructions. The crowd was getting louder and louder…

The first whistle went at 8.20pm. The set started slow but with some very strong serving from PVC’s captain Sylvia Kowalczyk her team easily took the lead. The Queens girls seemed to be struggling with serve-receive. Queens’ young setter Yana Ford showed everyone she knows where opposition’s weak spot is with few tips. Unfortunately this couldn’t stop the PVC girls and they closed the set comfortably at the scary 25-13.

Queens’ coach Gerry Ford proved right again saying his girls are slow starters. His hopes were that the squad will show their usual game in the second set. It was clear that after years of attempts PVC want to win the league this year. Queens had to quickly get into the game if they wanted to win the league. The second set proved that last year’s champion have awakened with some strong hitting from captain Lisa Parry and great pick-ups from libero Erin Wood. However strong serving from PVC took the score to 21-21. PVC played smart and with few tips they took the set at 25-23.

With 2-0 up the PVC team was already thinking of celebrations. However Queens were planning to keep the champions trophy for another year. The squad started the third set strong and thanks to good work of setter Yana Ford with middles Stefania Bianchini and Christina Verdirame Queens took the lead. The game was tight, the crowd was loud and the referees had to make some unpleasant calls for both sides. Queens’ duo blockers Grainne le Fevre and Christina Verdirame kept stopping PVC’s strong outside hitters. Revenge came in the last minute of the set with 25-23 this time for the Queens’ team.

Queens started the fourth set on the high with precise hitting from opposite Grainne le Fevre and excellent defence at the back from libero Erin Wood. Captain Lisa Parry performed some mighty serving and gave the team five points lead. However PVC were not giving up and the set came to 21-21 again. It was Queens’ turn to serve and Irena Mihneva was determine to win the league. No time to waste it was now-or-never situation. With three smart serves Queens took the score to 24-21. PVC’s coach Slugocki called for time out hoping this will distract the server. Back to the game, another serve and the set quickly finished at 25-21 for Queens and secured league win. The team was jumping around full with joy and satisfaction. They have already won the league so the last set didn’t really matter. Until the 16-year-old setter Yana Ford reminded everyone it’s a matter of dignity to win this match and keep the unbeaten record.

The tie-break started with four straight points for Queens from Irena Mihneva’s serve. The Polish girls looked a bit down realising they have missed their chance to win the league once again. At the switch Queens were leading with 8-6. Christina Verdirame was hitting strong on the outside. PVC’s coach made four substitutions hoping this will change things. To keep the drama until the last minute the set went to 15-15. Two serves from Queens and mighty kill from middle blocker Stefania Bianchini ended the match with 17-15.

The Queens’ Ladies Volleyball have done it again! League winners for 2015/2016 and stayed undefeated through the season. All girls were ecstatic, happy, satisfied and tired with the win.

PVC proved much harder opposition than expected and the 5-set nail biting match certainly entertained all supporters.

Queens coach Gerry Ford proudly commented after the game: ‘Incredible game. Great opponents. Queens demonstrated strong character and this is why we won!’

Queens’ Ladies Volleyball would like to thank all supporters, players, friends, online followers…

After the game the champions went for a well deserve pint at their sponsor Laverys. Cheers.

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