Mixed Tournament in Craigavon

After many failed attempts to secure UUJ for a mixed tournament this year, Aztecs in Craigavon have kindly offered an alternative hall. So the first mixed tournament of 2017 is on 18th February 2017 in Craigavon Senior High.  In order to fit the two courts in, we will have to play on slightly shortened courts. We realise the inconvenience but at least this gives us the opportunity to play. Please see below for information on the tournament, applications are on first come first serve basis with a limit of 8 teams for the tournament.

For anyone who has not already been please read the info as it gives you an idea of the purpose and spirit in which the tournament is held.

What’s it all about?

These tournaments used to run and provided great craic, a days volleyball for all and a brilliant way for clubs to introduce new or inexperienced / subs or second players into the game.  The idea is to provide teams that are not just mixed sex but mixed experience levels and ages.  The focus being on the developing players learning fast in game situations from the experienced players.   It is ideal for clubs who have development ambitions or those who have a small number of enthusiasts who can’t put out a regular team, or simply the players who can’t get enough of playing volleyball!


A slight change here, as we cannot get the hall with two courts – it seems to be booked all year!  We have one pool, everyone will play everyone else and then be ranked 1st -6th.  There will then be a 5th-6th playoff, 3rd-4th playoff and a 1st -2nd playoff for final positions- this ensures 6 matches per team.  Each match will be two sets of approximately 10 mins each.

Who plays?

Typically age ranges are from 12- 60 yrs old and most teams comprised 2-4 club players alongside 2-4 less experienced players.  This is not a tournament for 6 good players to all enter together, it would be counter to the point of the event and boring for all concerned.  Junior NI teams/ school teams are welcome but should consider the possibility of mixing in some experience to show how things should be done!  

How do I get involved?

Email for an application form.  What you will need is an organiser (must be over 18 yrs old) who is willing to provide phone number and contact details.  If you are not attached to a club/school but want to come and play email and I will try and find a team for you to join.  No team kit is required.

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