Northern Ireland Senior Men’s National Team will take part in round two of qualifying for the British Championships, 2nd round of the World Championship and European SCD Final.

For a number of weeks, there have been trials taking place at Ulster University Jordanstown to select a team that will challenge at the forthcoming championships.
Head Coach Gerry Ford along with Assistant Coach Harry Gilliland have been working tirelessly to select from a number of players across Northern Ireland and those who play there volleyball abroad. This years team will consist of a number of experienced minds along with some youthful characters. The coaches have announced this year there will be FIVE “Academy Places” for junior players to step in and train with and challenge selection of the national squad.

Competition Schedule

British Championships, Dec 2016, Leeds.

Opponents: England, Scotland

Friendly TBC, Mar 2017, Belfast.

World Championships 2nd Round, May 2017, Czech Republic.

Opponents: Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus.

European SCD Final, May 2017, Iceland.

Opponents: Iceland, Luxembourg, Cyprus.

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